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Renovation company Hauts de Seine 92

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Renovation works in Boulogne Billancourt, Saint Cloud, Neuilly sur Seine and all Hauts de Seine

Do you own a building in the 92 and you want to undertake renovation work? We will guide you with these few valuable tips straight from experts in the field. We are well aware that renovation is an art and could quickly turn into a nightmare if it is not taken in the right hands.

You can ask us to create or renovate your apartment/house. Or you can simply make yourself happy with a bathroom and a modern kitchen. From now on, you can entrust our company with your renovation work. Our renovation company ply its trade since 1960. « Concept Intérieur France » specializes in renovation works located in Hauts de Seine. We realize many renovations in Boulogne Billancourt and Neuilly sur Seine.

Whether you ask us a specific work, as the demolition of a bearing wall and some repairs on a traditional zinc roof, or a full renovation of your house/apartment, we listen closely to your projects. We adjust the price in line with your needs and your budget.

Thus, our renovation company intervenes in all the fields of renovation for houses/apartments. We can renovate or create a kitchen/bathroom. We can lay all kinds of wall/floor covering and change your windows. We can do the electricity, plumbing, vitrification, locksmithing, carpentry and decoration.

Boulogne Billancourt is a town where many buildings from the 70's have been built. The benefice of this type of buildings is that they contain large apartments. However, they have a disadvantage : uniform ceilings without much height. The wisest way to renovate this kind of apartment is to change its initial style, by realizing drywall ceilings with various original forms, and moreover, by laying Parisian metal skylights with small tiles and metal doors. Of course, everything is achieved by our interior renovation company « Concept Intérieur France ».

Skylights (or any kind of metallic assembly) are realized on the spot or in our workshops. Most of the forms are achievable with drywall. Therefore, our renovation company can create a ceiling with cornices for the hidden lighting, or a ceiling with various recessed forms (triangles, etc...) placed on different spotlights. Very rare in France, we specialize in the realization of luminous stretch ceilings, with or without a drywall dressing on the edges. These stretch ceilings can switch colors and drawings. This makes the decoration really unique and fascinating. If necessary and if you wish, our renovation company can also involve Olivia and Laura, our 2 interior architects, who have renovated many luxurious hotels.

In opposition with the past, a current bathroom isn't reduced to a simple utility room, in which you spend the necessary limited time. Indeed, nowadays, a bathroom becomes a real living space of your apartment. Use it in the morning when you wake up, in the evening after a long day of hard work, or to get yourself ready for an important event.

For any need, in view of its importance for the everyday activities, the bathroom mustn't be neglected. One must grant the same care and attention to a bathroom, as to the other rooms of the house. And maybe even more.

The wear and tear can affect the walls of a bathroom, as well as its sanitation facilities, and its hydraulic & electrical system. This is precisely why more and more persons ask for a bathroom renovation in Boulogne Billancourt, even before committing themselves to an other room of the house.

Why us
Concept Interior France
Our company has been dealing with appartment renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

Why our company for the renovation of your apartment in Hautes de Seine?


Projects completed

Renovation from A to Z.



Guarantee €100/day if the site is not completed on time.



Possibility of financing.​

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How we work

We are committed to making it easy for you! This is why your project will be carried out in just 3 distinct stages.

The process


Make an appointment with our experts to assess all the possibilities for your project.


Receive your plan and your detailed quote within 48 hours.


The work will be carried out in compliance with the standards in force. For a 100m2 apartment, we carry out the renovation work within 10 weeks.

Ready to start?

We are open to any custom renovation project. After the careful inspection, you will receive a detailed quote.

Our customers thank us for our excellent results.

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Our other renovation and design services.

Concept Interior France can carry out any type of construction or renovation thanks to the collaboration with two interior designers Olivia and Laura, so that your house, apartment, studio or business is exactly as you wish.

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