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Renovation company in Seine-Saint-Dénis 93

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Renovation services in the Seine-Saint-Denis 93 department

Seine-Saint-Denis, a department in the North-East of Paris offers an interesting mixture between the architecture of the past and the modern style. Houses, buildings and apartments, shops, such a rich and varied heritage constitutes this department. Whether modernizing your traditional home or transforming a commercial space into a loft, working with a qualified renovation team is essential. Advice, solutions, guide, Concept Interior France supports you in your renovation work!

You just bought commercial premises in Seine-Saint-Denis 93, and you want to convert them into a loft-type housing.
You have the privilege to live in a house where you want to initiate renovation works.

Our company « Concept Intérieur France », has an expertise in all the fields of renovation works, such as the full transformation of a building, and the conversion of a commercial assignment into a home. All types of construction works are achievable in your apartment or house, in Seine-Saint-Denis 93 : full construction of houses, pavilions, big individual lofts.

House restoration ; bathrooms ; kitchens ; electricity ; all kinds of masonry ; all kinds of covers ; windows ; plumbing ; paintwork ; carpentry ; locksmithing ; roofing ; air-conditioning ; and all kinds of decoration such as waxed concretes or genuine stucco.

The Department of Seine-Saint-Denis is filled with old factories or warehouses, which we transform completely into loft-type housings, or into multiple apartments intended for rent.

Our renovation company for apartments and houses has a long and vast experience of concrete structures, such as the realization of foundations for buildings or houses. During the conversion of a housing from an old warehouse, one must realize a roofing, whether on a traditional timber frame, or on a frame entirely metallic.

In Seine-Saint-Denis 93, many towns have a Local Urbanism Plan (abbreviation in French : PLU) which allows the realization of roof systems made of « sandwich panels ». This type of roofing with panels has a very big dimension and is made of 2 lacquered steel sheets, isolated by 5cm or 10cm of polyurethane foam. In new constructions as in renovations, the benefit of this roofing with sandwich panels is its price (far cheaper than the price of zinc), and its power of thermal & sound insulation.

Depending on your needs, and on the scope of renovation works to be done in your apartment of Seine-Saint-Denis 93, our company will provide the services of a structure research office. The site plans and the choice of materials can also be realized in close collaboration with Olivia and Laura, our 2 interior architects, who have a big experience on all the types of decoration styles, from classical to modern.

Why us
Concept Interior France
Our company has been dealing with appartment renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

Why our company for the renovation of your house or apartment in Seine-Saint-Denis?


Projects completed

Renovation from A to Z.



Guarantee €100/day if the site is not completed on time.



Possibility of financing.​

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How we work

We are committed to making it easy for you! This is why your project will be carried out in just 3 distinct stages.

The process


Make an appointment with our experts to assess all the possibilities for your project.


Receive your plan and your detailed quote within 48 hours.


The work will be carried out in compliance with the standards in force. For a 100m2 apartment, we carry out the renovation work within 10 weeks.

Ready to start?

We are open to any custom renovation project. After the careful inspection, you will receive a detailed quote.

Our customers thank us for our excellent results.

Focus on services

Our other renovation and design services.

Concept Interior France can carry out any type of construction or renovation thanks to the collaboration with two interior designers Olivia and Laura, so that your house, apartment, studio or business is exactly as you wish.

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