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Renovation work prices

We devote the time necessary to the development of your renovation estimate and are at your disposal before and during your renovation work.

The price of a renovation in Paris varies widely from one construction site to another. Surface, architecture, layout, each renovation is unique. In 60 years of experience, Concept Interior France is committed to offering the RIGHT price to satisfy each customer.

In the field of renovation work there are essentially 3 price levels per m2:

Renovation Refreshment


Partial renovation of the "clean" type

  • Sanding, Parquet vitrification: €40/M2
  • Painting including preparatory work of coating: 30 €/M2
  • Replacement tiles, faience: 80 €/M2
  • Upgrading electrical installation for a T2, replacement of sockets: 2300 €
  • Total bathroom with supply: 8500 €
  • Partial bathroom, replacement bath by shower: 1800 €
  • Installation of a window of 200.100: 300 €

Complete Renovation


This average price will change according to the surface to be treat as well as the quality of the materials you have chosen. The larger the surface, the more the price per M2 will decrease. A studio of 20 M2 to be completely renovated will have a cost per M2 (1500€/M2) is higher than a house of 300M2 (1000€/M2).

  • As its name suggests, this type of renovation generally includes 100% new installations such as electrical or plumbing installations. New floor and wall coverings.
  • Electrical installation for a T3 of 70 M2: 7500 €
  • Painting work with interlining for a T3: 6300 €
  • Supply and installation of parquet: 100€/M2
  • Total bathroom: 8500 €
  • Installation heating boiler radiator for a pavilion: 10000 €
  • Creation of a hopper and installation of stairs: 5500 €

Major Renovation


Depending on the technique to be implemented as well as the area.

  • A major renovation will include technical work on structures as well as all classic integral renovation work.
  • This type of renovation includes work such as the creation or recovery of a foundation on a pavilion in view of an extension
  • The disbursement of a house basement to create a real living room
  • The creation or renovation of a frame and its cover: 350 €/M2
  • Construction of a pavilion on the basis of 200M2: 1800 €/M2

To know the price of renovation work on an apartment in Paris, certain parameters should be taken into account.
The first questions to ask concern the budget to be planned and the renovation solutions to consider: what level of renovation do you want? should I hire an architect? what are the legal obligations?
A renovation project can take different forms, whether it is to rehabilitate an old building, restore a house, completely redecorate or change the destination of a building.

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Our company has been dealing with appartment renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

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