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Bathroom renovation and design.

Who has never dreamed of a luxury, modern, timeless bathroom?

Our solutions

Complete bathroom renovation in Paris

Imagine yourself in the morning, the rays of the sun caressing your face and you slip into your bath. A pleasant moment of relaxation and revitalization to start the day! Renovating or refreshing your bathroom is an effective way to make your dreams come true. You can save a few square inches, improve your mobility and brightness to enjoy a space that is both restful and revitalizing for the next 20 years.

A bathroom renovation is specific, for it always requires the intervention of several trades like a plumber, a tile-layer and a painter. These different technicians will work one after the other, because a bathroom has a confined space. Its creation or renovation requires a good logical and a good execution technique. Our renovation company will realize you a whole bathroom with high-quality completions in 15 days. Nowadays, a bathroom isn't just functional and charmless anymore : it has to be a place of well-being.

Nowadays, a bathroom becomes the ultimate room for privacy. Your choice of colors and materials must reflect your taste, your budget and your lifestyle.

An Art deco claw-footed tub with volcanic stone, placed in the center of your bathroom ; a Japanese basin, which is a very low bathtub our company can fabricate with a mosaic/natural-looking concrete ; an Italian-tiled shower ; a shower with nozzles directly built in the wall, with a 2 mm thick sky of rain.

Our company « Concept Intérieur France » owns all the adequate equipment and the experience for ultra-large faïence tile laying , such as 2,5m x 1,2m. This dimension makes your bathroom very contemporary, refined, and unique. Your bathroom taps can whether be classical (applied on the sink and on the tub wall), or completely built-in (with only : apparent commands and apparent finishing ring).

The bathroom being used all day long, a good lighting is essential when it will be renovated or created. Our renovation company can create a false ceiling with luminous grooves, projections, spotlights, and a mirror lighting. This means there will be 2 separate lightings in your bathroom.

Our prices

2 types of bathroom renovation

Concept Interior France offers you two main categories of total renovation of your bathroom: the classic bathroom for small and medium-sized surfaces but with a high-end finish; the stylish bathroom for large surfaces with more sophisticated equipment.

Classic bathroom

8000-12000 €

5m2 floor, made with tiling and earthenware at 30€/m2, which will cover 100% of the surface (that is to say the floor and walls : about 25m2); bathroom taps from Grohe at 150 € ;

  • a shower tray made with resin or with Italian tiling
  • a furniture to fit the sink at 300 €
  • a shower screen at 250 €
  • epoxy joints
  • a shower-head kit from Grohe, at 150 €
  • the painting
  • the false ceiling
  • All the completions and the equipments are included

Stylish bathroom

15000€ +

9m2 floor, ultra-large 250.120cm floor&wall tile covers, at 150 €/m2

  • Sink and bathroom taps ; a built-in shower from Grohe (or an Italian brand), at 1600 € for 3 units to recess
  • a bathtub from Jacob Delafon at 500 €
  • an Italian shower
  • bathroom furnishings at 700 €
  • a false ceiling
  • a split screen between the shower and the bathtub
  • All the completions and the equipments are included
Why us
Concept Interior France
Our company has been dealing with appartment renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

Why our company for the renovation of your bathroom?


Projects completed

Renovation from A to Z.



Guarantee €100/day if the site is not completed on time.



Possibility of financing.​

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How we work

We are committed to making it easy for you! This is why the renovation of your bathroom will be carried out in just 3 distinct stages.

The process


Make an appointment with our experts to assess all the possibilities for your project.


Receive your plan and your detailed quote within 48 hours.


The work will be carried out in compliance with the standards in force. For a 100m2 apartment, we carry out the renovation work within 10 weeks.

Ready to start?

We are open to any custom renovation project. After the careful inspection, you will receive a detailed quote.

Our customers thank us for our excellent results.

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Concept Interior France can carry out any type of construction or renovation thanks to the collaboration with two interior designers Olivia and Laura, so that your house, apartment, studio or business is exactly as you wish.

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