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House extension

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House extension

In order to add some style and some square meters to your house, planning extension work is the perfect way to go. Making a house bigger with an extension technique is the right way to gain space. Our extension & renovation company offers two different kinds of extension ; the first kind implies the creation of a lifting mechanism for your house (type 1), the second kind is a lateral extension of your house (type 2) with an additional hold on the ground Our renovation company « Concept Intérieur France » invites you to visit this website for an easier understanding of the technique, and for learning about the differences between those two types of extension.

« Concept Intérieur France » is an extension & renovation company with an expertise handed down from father to son since 1960. We guarantee quality, and a meticulous work. Are you in need of a garage ? a new bedroom? setting up a veranda ? expanding your living room with an extension ? Anything is possible !

The use of an extension technique allows to expand your house and to make most of your projects come true, while never having to move out.

Roof spaces can be converted, for they are often neglected or used as an attic. In order to convert one's roof spaces into a real floor, it's often necessary to proceed with a lifting mechanism extension. This slightly elevates your house, in order to dispose a real flat surface, ready to be created, furnished and decorated by our renovation company « Concept Intérieur France », expert in the field. This type of extension requires a construction license and some plans which can be realized by our 2 architects, Laura and Olivia.

A lifting mechanism extension begins by laying down the existing roof, the frames and the gutters too. Afterwards, our construction company realizes the masonry to raise the gables and the facades ; this will gain height on the sides. Then comes the framework construction phase, realized with wood or with steel ; later on, it is well-insulated with a multilayer film. Depending on your wish and on the construction permit, a roof is built, whether tile-covered, or with the usual zinc material.

Our renovation company also advises you on the type of ground to create for this new living floor. According to the level of comfort you desire, the chosen material can whether be an insulated wood, or a concrete slab.

Once the structure is done, we realize all the distributing walls, the plumbing, the electricity and all the completions like the bathroom and the flooring.

You want to extend your house by realizing some extension works, but you wonder which extension is adequate. Indeed, your needs are evolving every day, and sadly, your home doesn't fit you anymore. In the page dedicated to the type n°1 of house extension work, we have already clarified how to elevate your house, in order to convert the roof spaces.

Now we're going to talk about the type n°2 of house extension work. This is a lateral extension with an additional hold on the ground. However, your property must be big enough to support an additional construction.

Our renovation & extension company « Concept Intérieur France » has an expertise in all construction areas, in renovation, and in all types of construction or extension. Our knowledge has been handed down from father to son since 1960.

A lateral extension for your house allows you to gain some square meters lengthwise. For instance, it allows you to create a garage with an extra room on top, to build a veranda, or to create a separate studio.

Before starting this type of extension work, a permission to build is required. It will impose us a certain kind of construction materials, as wood, blocks made of glass or stones, a traditional zinc roof, or a tiled roof.

Benefits of a type 2 house extension

The benefit of this type of lateral extension is that your current house stays available throughout the work phase. This lateral extension allows you stay at home unlike the type n°1 of house extension work, for which a roof is removed, then installed.

Lateral extension works for your house allow you to demolish the wall of your living room, in order to integrate the extension inside. To compensate for the demolition of the bearing wall, our renovation company realizes a recovery of the structure and a metal assembly. Throughout the installation of the new roof, we can build a velux window or a big Sky Dome, to lighten your whole ground floor.

We can also incorporate a low-energy underfloor heating in the new concrete floor, which will be covered with parquet / tiles / waxed concrete, afterwards. Our company has the ability to create you a real garage. We can entirely equip it with gates, pits, pressurized air, etc...

Outside, we can install a driveway and an access ramp to the garage. If necessary, we can also change your initial gate motorization. We own all the assurances and guarantees required. Our expert company can achieve these extension works, from the house foundations until its last completions.

Our prices

2 types of extension depending on the architecture of your house: Quickly estimate the cost of your extension

The style of the extension is determined by the location of your home and its configuration. Depending on the type of extension of your house (type 1 or type 2), we offer two very distinct pricing formulas.

Extension Type 1

2000 €/m2

The extension type 1 consists of the elevation to create a new plateau ready to be created. A type 1 extension or raising the house is necessary if the side extension is not feasible. This is also the perfect opportunity to redevelop your attic and attic.

  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Creating a new room
  • Development and renovation of attics or attics
  • Neat finish
  • Construction materials
  • Redevelopment and expansion of attics or attics

Extension Type 2

2000 €/M2

It can be the creation of a garage, a veranda, an independent studio. There is also the possibility of adding one or more rooms above the extension to gain even more space. A side extension or type 2 is provided with an additional footprint if you have enough space.

  • Demolition of walls
  • Creating a new room
  • Installation of the heating system
  • Construction materials
  • Neat finish
  • Exterior landscaping (access ramp to the garage, paved driveway, modification of the original gate)
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