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Kitchen renovation and design.

Want a new kitchen from floor to ceiling? Benefit from our experience from father to son since 1960.

Our solutions

Complete kitchen renovation in Paris

Has your kitchen been the same for years now? The time has surely come for a small renovation or why not a major renovation. The kitchen is a centerpiece, the heart of your home, it deserves special attention. Its enhancement can bring comfort and security to your interior.

Our apartment and kitchen renovation company will also know how to advise you and offer you a wide panel of kitchen counters, made with different materials : Corian ; Quartz at a good price /quality ratio ; a more common laminated one ; waxed concrete from Marius Aurenti ; natural wood with a specific treatment

There can be a central island, a bar, or half a low wall to separate the living-room from the kitchen, with a skylight on top.

Start to define the kitchen you dream of : vintage, contemporary, traditional, country or urban design... There exist more and more kitchen trends, which are in constant evolution. Your whole kitchen renovation must be in adequacy with the rest of the apartment.

The assembly and the completions of your kitchen have to be perfect, so that they don't jeopardize the solidity of your home.

The assembly and the completions of your kitchen have to be perfect, so that they don't jeopardize the solidity of your home. Our kitchen and apartment renovation company will intervene with several building trades throughout your kitchen renovation, such as : a plumber, a tile-layer for the floor and the credence, an electrician and a carpenter who will assemble the furniture... Your kitchen renovation requires time to consider your needs and the realistic possibilities.

Throughout the full renovation of your kitchen, there are successive work stages, which are the followings : « Concept Intérieur France », our renovation company, starts by getting entirely rid of all your kitchen furniture and then removes the floor covering (which is often made of tiles). At last, the earthenware credence and all the household appliances is put aside, to be used again later.

The first work stage is based on reinstalling the electricity and the plumbing, fully or partially, depending on the future kitchen counter. Then comes the floor covering and depending on its state, we realize a mortar screed beforehand. When the floor is done, our kitchen renovation company realizes all the preparation before painting it, with a whole interfacing to plaster.

The preparatory work being over, our company can compile the kitchen caissons, whether they are made of kits (ex: Ikea...), or custom-made in our workshops. We install the new kitchen counter and we cut the fillers. We put together a credence made of stainless steel, earthenware, or paint (lacquered/mat/gloss). The final stage of the work involves the junction of all the household appliances and the paint topcoats

Your kitchen is ready! And the work is done. Our renovation company “Concept Intérieur France” puts forward many lines of custom-made kitchens, created in our carpentry workshops, located in Montreuil. Our custom-made kitchens are lacquered with a spray gun for a mat/velvet/satin/glossy finish. Our kitchen renovation company has gained a great knowledge of stainless-steel kitchens, fully equipped, used in the catering business and in collectivities, like school canteens.

Our prices

2 types of kitchen creation and installation

We offer you either the creation of a kitchen entirely made to measure in lacquer or valcromat, or only the installation of a Leroy Merlin type kit kitchen.

Installation of a Leroy Merlin type kit kitchen

~ 1700 €

The installation of a kit kitchen

Realization of a kitchen entirely made to measure in lacquer or valcromat

8000€ +

The realization of a custom kitchen with appliances

Why us
Concept Interior France
Our company has been dealing with appartment renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

Why our company for the renovation of your kitchen?


Projects completed

Renovation from A to Z.



Guarantee €100/day if the site is not completed on time.



Possibility of financing.​

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How we work

We are committed to making it easy for you! This is why the renovation of your kitchen will be carried out in just 3 distinct stages.

The process


Make an appointment with our experts to assess all the possibilities for your project.


Receive your plan and your detailed quote within 48 hours.


The work will be carried out in compliance with the standards in force. For a 100m2 apartment, we carry out the renovation work within 10 weeks.

Ready to start?

We are open to any custom renovation project. After the careful inspection, you will receive a detailed quote.

Our customers thank us for our excellent results.

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Concept Interior France can carry out any type of construction or renovation thanks to the collaboration with two interior designers Olivia and Laura, so that your house, apartment, studio or business is exactly as you wish.

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