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Studio renovation

Do you want to renovate your studio? Take action.

Our solutions

The renovation from A to Z of your studio

You just bought a studio in Paris, Nice, Lyon or in any other city in France, and you want to renovate it, in order to live in it or to rent it. Our renovation company « Concept Intérieur France » has been here to serve you, from father to son since 1960. Whether it is intended for a couple, a student or a young employee, a studio has to be as homely and functional as possible, even if it's small. Our renovation company takes up all the challenges. We find all the tricks and combinations to transform a studio into a practical housing, pleasant to live in.

Downtown, many tenants and landlords have to deal with studios that are not optimized, hard to arrange and to structure. Our studio renovation company knows how to advise you with expertise, on the general disposition and on the choice of materials. A reduced surface like a studio has a lot of potential, if its space is fully optimized and if the chosen materials have the right quality.

« Concept Intérieur France », our studio renovation company involves all the trades successively, due to the lack of space inside a studio. All the trades necessary for the whole realization of a studio are involved, from the demolition phase until the latest completions, which are neatly achieved in our firm.

For studio on the ground floor of a building with high ceilings, « Concept Intérieur France » offers you to realize a mezzanine, which can be used as a desk or a bedroom. This allows to gain a few square meters, very useful in a confined space. The area dedicated for the bed, installed high up, releases the ground space in order to create a real living environment. Thanks to the mezzanine, some storages can be installed under the stairs, a kitchen leading to the living room can be set up under the suspended mezzanine, and a bathroom with toilets can been placed in an angle of the studio.

The full renovation of a studio lasts about 7 weeks and costs 1500€ / M2.

« Concept Intérieur France », with its experience handed down from father to son, knows how to advise you, to achieve the works of your studio, to make it unique, 100% functional, and more importantly, to make it very warm and nice. The spaces of a studio being smaller, it helps to lay high-quality materials which emerge right away ; to create a modern bathroom with an Italian shower and a wall-mounted toilet ; to install an IKEA kitchen ; to put a kitchen counter made of quartz, granite, Corian, or other materials ; to build and realize 2 or 3 custom-made closets, well integrated to go well with the rest of the studio. Install a ventilation (called VMC) is also essential. Our studio renovation company offers you an oak parquet or a bamboo flooring, an ultra-large tiling with porcelain stoneware (the edges are rectified with 1 MM joints of tainted epoxy); a waxed concrete from MARIUS AURENTI ; a terrazzo granito which is poured, sanded and varnished.

Inside a studio, one must absolutely care for anything related to the sealing of the bathroom, as well as the sealing around the washing machine and the kitchen. The painting works are realized with a glass mesh backing (Fiss-Net). A polymer fortified with epoxy joints is used for the tiles. All the high-quality materials used for the renovation of your studio allow our company to ensure you very neat completions, and an excellent quality of realization.

Our studio renovation company owns all the assurances and guarantees necessary for the good execution of the site.

Our prices

How much does it cost to renovate a studio in Paris?​

The price of a renovation in Paris varies widely from one studio to another. Depending on the work to be carried out, we can provide you with a personalized and flexible quote. To give you an idea, here is the estimate for the complete renovation of a studio.

Major renovation

~ 1500 €/M2
  • Demolition
  • Open kitchen design
  • Bathroom design
  • Creation of a living space
  • Installation of a suspended mezzanine
  • Quality materials
  • 7 weeks of work
Why us
Concept Interior France
Our company has been dealing with studio renovation in Paris since 1960 and will advise you with an expert eye.

Why our company for the renovation of your studio?


Projects completed

Renovation from A to Z.



Guarantee €100/day if the site is not completed on time.



Possibility of financing.​

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How we work

We are committed to making it easy for you! This is why the renovation of your studio will be carried out in just 3 distinct stages.

The process


Make an appointment with our experts to assess all the possibilities for your project.


Receive your plan and your detailed quote within 48 hours.


The work will be carried out in compliance with the standards in force. For a 100m2 apartment, we carry out the renovation work within 10 weeks.

Ready to start?

We are open to any custom renovation project. After the careful inspection, you will receive a detailed quote.

Our customers thank us for our excellent results.

Focus on services

Our other renovation and design services.

Concept Interior France can carry out any type of construction or renovation thanks to the collaboration with two interior designers Olivia and Laura, so that your house, apartment, studio or business is exactly as you wish.

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